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Near Misses

Title: Near Misses
Author: flaming_muse
Rating: NC-17 overall; only a couple of chapters actually reach this rating
Summary:  Kurt and Blaine might not have met on a staircase in high school. This is what could happen if they met in college instead. This story is AU from within 2x06 (“Never Been Kissed”), with many of the broad strokes of canon remaining except where I thought they would be different because of the AU or other factors. It takes place in Blaine’s first year of college, starting about a year from now. There are some spoilers through 3x22 (“Goodbye”).

A neatly printed banner on a table near the end of the row caught his eye: The Independent Student Review: a student-run night of theater and music. A smaller sign on the tabletop read Show us why you’re a star! All majors and years are welcome!

Blaine drifted over and found himself drawn to the collage of photos that made up the center of the display on the table. There were shots of various students singing, dancing, and acting on what had to be one of the small stages in the school, and there were also a number of candid photos of guys and girls mugging for the camera backstage, putting on makeup, painting sets, and just generally having a good time. It looked like fun. It looked like a family. He had dozens upon dozens of pictures on his computer with a similar feeling from his first few years in the Warblers.

Still, he was a little confused. “I thought each department already held its own review,” he said to the student behind the table.

The young man looked up from the book he was reading and blinked at him with impossibly clear blue-green eyes. He seemed surprised Blaine had interrupted him, which was kind of odd because obviously he was there manning the booth so people could talk to him.

“They do,” he said. He had a light, musical voice and was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a long-sleeved charcoal shirt, and a fitted vest in a lighter shade of grey, despite the heat of the late summer day. A substantial and highly detailed brooch in the shape of two crossed rapiers was pinned to the vest over his heart. He gave Blaine an impersonal once-over from head to toe; Blaine felt suddenly under-dressed in his cargo shorts and polo shirt, and he was vaguely jealous of the boy’s confidence in being set apart by his style. “This is for those of us whose talents either don’t fit into the tidy boxes set forth by the school’s academic divisions or are overlooked because we aren’t yet upperclassmen.”

Blaine hadn’t had to deal with feeling sidelined when he was first at Dalton, because he’d risen so fast in the Warblers, but it made sense. “What about those of us who just like to be on stage as much as possible?” he asked.

“That would be all of us.” The corners of the boy’s mouth lifted into a grin. It took a bit of the gloss off of his perfection and made him look real for the first time.

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Title: “Schadenfreude
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Summary: Blaine isn’t happy about the misfortunes of others, but as far as he’s concerned what he’s feeling isn’t much better.
Spoilers: episode tag for 3x22 (“Goodbye”), spoilers for the end of the season
Disclaimers: The characters belong to various corporate Powers That Be. I make absolutely no profit from playing with them.

Blaine smiles and waves at Rachel’s train along with the rest of his friends as it pulls away, like them wishing her happiness and success, but there’s a part of him - a selfish, insecure, relieved part of him - that’s overjoyed because Kurt’s standing there on the platform beside him instead of sitting on the train to New York beside her.

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The Definition of Comfort Fic

Title: The Definition of Comfort Fic
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Sometimes we could all use a hug. Here’s one to share.

He heard a familiar tread bounding up the stairs, and Kurt turned from the window to greet Blaine as he knocked on the frame of the door. Blaine always knocked, even when Kurt was looking right at him; it was like he couldn’t overcome that ingrained ritual of politeness.

“Hello,” Blaine said with a smile as Kurt gestured for him to come into his room. He had shed his coat (and probably scarf) downstairs and most likely had tucked them away in the closet like the good guest he always was, but his hair still sparkled with the melting stars of snow that had fallen on it. There was just a hint of pink in his cheeks from the winter chill.

“Hi,” Kurt said, and he smiled back. It was Blaine; even when the weight of the world was on Kurt’s shoulders he always wanted to smile at Blaine.

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All We've Ever Done

Title: “All We’ve Ever Done”
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Future!fic, Romance
Summary: They’d danced together so many times by now, and every single time had been special, because it had been the two of them.

One of his favorite dances with Kurt had been the first in their shared apartment, still full of boxes and the whole thing about as big as his mother’s walk-in closet in Ohio. It had been their first night together in a space that was just theirs, and Kurt had somehow found the tea lights and in total disregard to fire safety had set them up all over the cardboard boxes in their living room (slash dining room slash kitchen). They’d swayed to Kurt’s dreamy playlist for hours, just slowly shuffling together in the few feet of clear space, their eyes closed and their bodies entwined, before they’d gone to bed, to their bed, and had danced there, too, celebrating being together at last.

They’d danced together so many times by now - as part of performances, at parties grand and intimate, at friends’ weddings, in back yards, on balconies, in Times Square at midnight on New Year’s, in the Hummel-Hudson living room - and every single time had been special, because it had been the two of them.

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The First Rule

Title: The First Rule
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Summary: Sometimes when it comes to himself, Blaine subscribes to the first rule of Fight Club.

“One tall nonfat mocha, one peppermint latte with an extra shot and whipped cream,” the barista calls.

Blaine steps forward. “That’s me.”

Kurt raises an eyebrow at him. “An extra shot and whipped cream? I take back what I said about self-restraint.”

“I’m living on the edge,” Blaine says, collecting both of their cups and thanking the server. He can’t help it; he loves holiday beverages. Next time he might get one with sprinkles.

“Oh, yes, I’ve heard.” There is a distinct, dry edge of amusement to Kurt’s voice as he guides them away from the counter.


Kurt picks a table and slides onto one of the chairs. He waits until Blaine takes the seat across from him and hands him his drink before saying, “I’m apparently dating McKinley’s resident bad-ass. Even Puck is scared of you now. That’s quite impressive; I thought the only person who scared him was Lauren.”

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The Other Half of the Equation

Title: The Other Half of the Equation
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 18,000
Summary: Blaine turns Kurt’s life upside-down over a tiny, bejeweled coffin. Scenes of two boys in love.
Notes: This is a companion piece to “Than the Sum of its Parts” and deliberately parallels a few of the same scenes from Kurt’s POV as well as adding many others, though the format and breadth of this fic is quite different than Sum because Kurt’s story is his own.

Kurt arrives early at Dalton on the morning after he starts dating Blaine.

It’s not that he means to arrive early, but he woke well before his alarm, despite having been up late texting with Blaine about absolutely nothing but neither of them being able to stop, and once he was awake he couldn’t get back to sleep with all of the butterflies in his stomach. He lay in bed and was delighted and a little bit shocked to find that his memories of kissing Blaine were not from a dream, but thinking about the kisses made his heart pound with remembered desire and, even more, nerves about seeing Blaine again. Yesterday had been amazing, but that was yesterday. He has no idea what today will be. So he had gotten up, taken even more care than usual over his hair and uniform, and had finally left the house in order to avoid the questions starting to form in his father’s eyes as Kurt had jittered around the kitchen.

All of that means that Kurt is early to school, and as he pulls into the day student parking lot he takes a deep breath and tells himself to be calm. Nothing has really changed. Sure, he and Blaine kissed, and they’re in a relationship, a romantic relationship, but it isn’t like they didn’t spend most of their free time together, anyway. They’ll see each other around school, sit beside each other at lunch, practice their duet for Regionals (and this time actually sing), and do all of the things they were already doing before yesterday when Blaine turned Kurt’s life upside-down over a tiny, bejeweled coffin.

Nothing outwardly is going to change. They’re at school, and if the school is Dalton and not McKinley there are still other people around most of the time. Kurt knows he can’t expect more than a little extra attention from Blaine… and possibly an ill-timed and poorly chosen serenade, but it’s not like Blaine hasn’t always focused on him more than he should with the Warblers, anyway. They’re dating, and he knows they aren’t going to hide it here, but he thinks it’s going to look almost exactly the same to everyone else. It’s fine with him; it’s not like they’d turn into one of those stupid PDA-crazy couples even if they could.

Kurt pulls into a parking space, smiling to himself, and freezes with his hand on the ignition when he sees a familiar figure leaning against a tree by the path up to campus. From this distance it could be any dark-haired boy in a Dalton uniform, but Kurt would know Blaine anywhere.

Blaine hasn’t met him at his car in the morning since Kurt’s first day at Dalton, back when Blaine always seemed to need to guide him and shape him into something Kurt just isn’t. Kurt’s heart leaps into his throat at the memory of feeling like he couldn’t measure up here, either, and even as his pulse skitters at seeing Blaine, he tells himself firmly that if for some reason Blaine has decided overnight he’s made a mistake he will be okay. It wouldn’t be the first time Blaine hasn’t wanted him as more than a friend, and even if he loses the friendship, too, he will be fine.

Drawing himself up straight, Kurt refuses to rush as he shuts off the car, unplugs and stows his iPod in his bag, and gets out. He slings his bag over his shoulder and locks the door before turning toward the path and the boy standing there. He will be fine.

Still, he feels a dizzy rush of relief when he gets close enough to see the smile on Blaine’s face, bright and excited to see him.

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Just Thursday

Title: Just Thursday
Author: flaming muse
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3400
Summary: No matter how far Kurt stretches, he is met with cool, crisp sheets entirely empty of his boyfriend. 

Kurt is warm and comfortable as he slowly drifts up from a deep sleep. He feels relaxed and surprisingly rested, something he’s not used to these days with the amount of work that piles up each time he blinks, like the antithesis of those shoe-making fairy tale elves. It’s a very welcome change. He snuffles his nose into the pillow, breathing in the familiar scents of their detergent and Blaine, and reaches out blindly with his foot in search of Blaine’s warm leg.

No matter how far he stretches, he is met with cool, crisp sheets entirely empty of his boyfriend.

It’s then that Kurt realizes that the light filtering in through his still-closed eyelids is not the soft purple-grey of early sunrise in the city but the bright, clear yellow of mid-morning. His eyes snap open with alarm, and he immediately looks at the clock to see what time it is and exactly how late he is for his internship, from which he will probably now be fired when he arrives.

There is a thick piece of paper folded over and obscuring the display on the clock, and on it are a few lines of Blaine’s spiky handwriting. Sleep as late as you want. Andrea says it’s fine; I cleared it with her a week ago. Ring the bell when you’re up for the day. Then there’s a lopsided heart and an arrow pointing to Kurt’s egg timer, which instead of sitting on the stove is perched on the nightstand next to the clock.

A part of Kurt wants to close his eyes and snuggle back under the duvet, but now he’s curious about what’s going on, because Blaine was supposed to have work today, too. Besides, maybe he can convince Blaine to crawl back into bed with him. He reaches out and sets the timer to ten seconds.

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One Saturday Night

Title: One Saturday Night
Author: flaming muse
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7800
Summary: Saturday night doesn’t go as Kurt and Blaine planned.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Water, please,” Kurt says as he gently tosses the salad.

“Extra ice.” Blaine adds a few more cubes to Kurt’s glass.

Kurt smiles over at him, his eyes sparkling with delight. “Yes.” He sets the salad tongs against the side of the bowl. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised you know all of my drink orders.”

Blaine has to pass right by him to get to the sink, and he nudges Kurt’s arm with his own. “I want to know everything about you.”

Kurt doesn’t reply, and when the second glass is full Blaine looks up at him to see why. Kurt’s eyes are dark where they’re focused on Blaine’s face, and his cheeks are a little flushed. He looks pleased. He looks hungry. Blaine’s breath catches, and his hands start to tremble. He sets down the glasses with a clunk before he drops them.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Blaine says and cups Kurt’s face and captures his mouth before Kurt can form a reply. Kurt gasps against his lips and puts his hands on Blaine’s shoulders, his fingers tight enough that Blaine can feel each one individually where it presses into the muscle. Heat flares through him, and he kisses Kurt hard, like he wants to prove a point, though the only point he has is how much he loves Kurt. And they’re alone in the house, so he can. He can just hold him close and taste Kurt’s lips and moan with the wet glide of his tongue. They’re alone.

But they also have all night, and as much as Blaine feels like he could catch fire from Kurt’s touch he doesn’t have to do it right this very second. So he lets himself drown in Kurt’s kisses for a long, dizzy minute more before pulling back and kissing the corner of Kurt’s mouth, the edge of his jaw, the divot of his upper lip, and countless other tiny places of perfection, which isn’t exactly less exhilarating but is at least less intense.

“Blaine,” Kurt murmurs and draws his thumb up and down the side of Blaine’s throat.

Blaine kisses the soft skin beside his eye. “Mmm?”

“Are we having dinner, or are we doing this?” Kurt asks breathily. “I’m okay with either, but I’d kind of like to know.”

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Title: Reflection
Author: flaming muse
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 30,000
Summary: The problem with looking in the mirror is that you don’t always like what you see in it.

"We’ve got to go," Mercedes says, and Kurt checks his watch, because he hasn’t even gotten to his locker yet. He’s not ready to send Blaine off to homeroom. He wants to enjoy this moment a little while a longer. He wants to bask in Blaine being there with all of his friends. He wants to remember the hundred things he’s forgotten to tell him about how to survive his first day.

The warning bell rings, and Kurt knows he’s out of time.

"Have a good morning," Tina says to Mike, reaching up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss, and Kurt looks away when Rachel goes to kiss Finn, because he’s seen plenty of that over the course of the summer.

"See you in English," he says to Blaine, who smiles at him in return. They don’t kiss. They both know they can’t. Still, Blaine doesn’t even linger like he’s thinking about it, for which Kurt should be thankful, because he doesn’t want Blaine to be pining for Dalton any more than necessary. He should be thankful, but he finds himself pining for Dalton and the freedoms they had there instead.

"See you in English," Blaine simply replies, and then Rachel is taking his arm and leading him away as the group disperses in the crowded hallway.

Kurt watches them for a second, watches his boyfriend walk away to his homeroom in the same school, and then turns toward the next corridor over. He sees Santana at the other end of the hall when he reaches his locker, and she nods a distant greeting at him but doesn’t come over. He’s not surprised; it’s Santana, after all.

The hall is quickly emptying. Opening his locker, he arranges his cleaning supplies and emergency clothes at the back but leaves the rest of his organization and decoration for later. It looks empty and dull. Last year he and Mercedes had arrived at school early to put up their mirrors and locker murals, but this year he’d been so focused on Blaine’s transfer that he’d forgotten to leave time for other important things. It is too late now.

It seems like he shouldn’t have even worried about Blaine, though; New Directions has already taken him under their collective wings. Kurt could have spent the entire morning decorating, and Blaine might have had a better - safer, smarter, less target-creating - introduction to the student body than walking in with him. Kurt refuses to be afraid, but he knows Blaine has to be feeling his own history. Maybe he would have been better off without - 

No, Kurt ruthlessly quashes that bit of insecurity and punctuates it with a slam of his locker door. It’s wonderful that Glee was there, but Blaine is Kurt’s boyfriend and best friend. Kurt is always going to be by his side, loving him, watching out for him. The rest of the school will just have to deal with it.

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Than the Sum of its Parts

Title: Than the Sum of its Parts
Author: flaming muse
Rating: R
Word count: 30k+
Summary: The whole of Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is greater than the sum of its parts. Scenes of two boys in love.

It feels like it should be weird that everything that turns him on about Kurt is also calming: the solidity of his body against Blaine’s, the familiar but beautiful angles of his face, the delicate way he uses his hands to stir and pour, the scent of his skin and the detergent on his clothes, the quirk of his lips when he smiles, the music of his voice, the hum of satisfaction he makes when he likes what he has created, the way he just fits in Blaine’s arms like he was made to be there. All of it turns Blaine on every single day, and yet it also makes him feel safe. Maybe it should be weird, but it isn’t at all. It’s where he wants to be. It’s where he’s supposed to be. The wanting can be overwhelming in the best and worst ways, but this, this moment with Kurt, this connection with Kurt, is exactly right.

Parts II   III   IV   V

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